Sewing Machine Care




Take care of your machine with regular inspection and cleaning.

With so many disposable products and electronics globally, why does a sewing machine need to be serviced? Why not just throw it out with the rest of the items and buy a new one?

Toasters, irons, hairdryers, cake mixers, cell phones, TVs, and headphones are just a few items we use daily but do not have serviced. When they die or start to wear out, off to the recycling center they go. Just put it on the list and pick up a new one next time you are out.

Sewing machines are different. They like to be serviced; so you will LOVE them more when they come back from being serviced. But why?

A sewing machine is like no other “appliance” in our home. I have yet to find another item in our house that has the exact needs of a sewing machine. And when it comes to service, a sewing machine needs service on an annual basis to continue working at the level it was initially designed to work.

Sewing machines need service because we feed them thread, fabric, and batting, which all cause lint. A linty sewing machine absorbs all the oil and lubricants within the sewing machine. And, without lubrication, moving parts…don’t move.

If you want a sewing machine to keep moving, you must keep it oiled and cared for regularly. A sewing machine is more like a vehicle we drive. Without proper maintenance on a regular schedule, it is just a matter of time before it breaks down.

A sewing machine is like two separate machines that must come together at the exact point for a stitch to form. Any change from either side will mess up the entire process.

Two parts of a sewing machine?

Yes. The top part of a sewing machine drives the needle and top thread through the sewing machine. The bottom part that catches the top thread in the bobbin is an entirely different set of moving parts and precision alignment. The slightest distance off, and you are in a SKIP STITCHING and THREAD BREAKING horror story.

But, ask anyone who regularly has their sewing machines serviced if they pull out their hair very often, and their story is a lot different. Yes, there will be days that things will go wrong. With so many moving parts, it is inevitable service issues will arise.

Keep your sewing machine on your good side – have your sewing machines serviced annually.